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Meet Carlin 


Meet Carlin, a fearless woman who refused to let a spinal cord injury paralyze her spirit and love for sports. After her accident, she slowly began gaining strength and agility and building confidence in her wheelchair. That’s when she discovered adaptive fitness and the transformative power it had on her life. In spite of the challenges, she never gave up, pushing herself harder each day while still being determined to live a fulfilling life.


Today, she is a loving wife, a mother to 3 children and a successful entrepreneur. Carlin has co-created a cutting-edge adaptive fitness and fun program dedicated to promoting fitness, sustainability, and fun for people with physical disabilities. Carlin’s service dog Linen is the newest family member. With specialized training to assist individuals with disabilities, Linen is an integral part of our team's therapeutic approach. We believe in the many benefits of animal therapy and are proud to offer this unique approach to our clients.


Carlin’s story is one of hope, resilience, and determination. She is committed to helping others achieve the same sense of empowerment and joy in sports and physical activity, as she discovered. She is an inspiring example of what is possible when we strive to be our best selves.

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Oakville, ON

Tel: 905-483-8997

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